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Wilderness Survival Kit

Wilderness Survival Kit

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Compact yet powerful, this survival kit, taking up no more space than a standard credit card, carries the essential tools you need to face any unexpected wilderness situation.
  • Saw
  • Tweezers
  • Arrowhead
  • 2 x Fire starter flints
  • 2 x Fishing hooks
  • 2 x Lures

The Wilderness Survival Kit comes equipped with two sharp fishing hooks and two lures, setting you up for a successful fishing endeavor. The kit makes food procurement a less daunting task, turning any nearby water body into a potential food source.
In addition to its fishing tools, the Wilderness Survival Kit features a meticulously designed arrow tip, a critical tool for hunting small game or for use in self-defense. The arrow tip can be affixed to a makeshift shaft, creating a reliable tool for hunting and protection.
The kit also sports a pair of fire starting flints. Simply insert the flints into the circular holder and strike with a rock. Sparks can catch dry grasses on fire and provide an essential tool in a survival situation.
An invaluable asset in any survival scenario, the kit includes a 3-inch saw blade. Whether you need to construct a shelter, gather firewood, or create a signal for help, the saw blade is up for the task.
Last but not least, the kit contains a pair of tweezers, a tool often overlooked but essential for addressing minor first-aid needs like removing splinters or extracting ticks.
Housed in a sleek, credit-card-sized case with a magnetically secured closure, the Wilderness Survival Kit tucks easily into your wallet, making preparedness convenient and accessible.
The Zootility Wilderness Survival Kit is your testament to resilience in the face of adversity. With it in your pocket, you're not just equipped to survive; you're ready to prevail. Proudly MADE IN USA.

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