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Zootility Co.

USA Grill Set

USA Grill Set

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Experience the ultimate in American grilling with Zootility's USA Grill Set, a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community support. Proudly made in the USA by our family-owned business, this set is not just a collection of tools; it's a celebration of American craftsmanship and values.

What's Included:

  • Subtly Patriotic Spatula: Featuring a beautifully crafted face of the US flag, this spatula doesn't just flip burgers; it flips them with pride.
  • Flag-Adorned Tongs: Precision laser-cut with the US flag, these tongs offer a firm grip and a patriotic flair.
  • Grrilla Grill Scraper: Unique and functional, the face of a gorilla adorns this scraper, with its mouth cleverly designed as a bottle opener. It's not just a tool; it's a conversation starter.
  • Skewers: Perfect for kebabs, vegetables, or marshmallows, adding versatility to your grilling.
  • Genuine Leather or Washable Leather Rollup: Keep your tools organized and portable in a stylish rollup, complete with a leather cord wrap. Choose between genuine leather or washable (vegan) leather to suit your lifestyle.

Why Choose Zootility's USA Grill Set?

  • Sustainability at Heart: With low-carbon impact manufacturing techniques and reduced global shipping needs, we're not just making products; we're caring for the planet.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Our products are built to last, backed by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring endless barbecues and memories.
  • Supporting the Future: We believe in giving back. 10% of our profits are donated to providing STEM toys for kids, fostering the next generation of American innovators.

Whether you're a backyard grill master or a camping enthusiast, the Zootility USA Grill Set is the perfect companion for your culinary adventures. Grill with pride, knowing you're supporting a business that values quality, community, and the environment. Get your set today and take the first step towards a grilling experience filled with American spirit and sustainable values!


  • Solid Oak
  • Stainless Steel
  • Leather or Vegan Leather
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