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Hexalotl™ 11-in-1 Hex-Key Set

Hexalotl™ 11-in-1 Hex-Key Set

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The Hexalotl features ten unique hex wrench sizes, providing you with the tools to tackle a remarkable range hex heads that would typically need a full-sized allen key set. The smile on this amiable axolotl isn't just for show - it doubles up as a handy bottle opener.

Despite the comprehensive tool options, the Hexalotl remains sleek and compact, fitting perfectly on your keychain without adding unnecessary bulk. It's a testament to smart design, ensuring you have a broad spectrum of tools available without compromising on convenience or portability.

With the Zootility 10-in-1 Hexalotl Multi-Tool, you're not just carrying a tool, you're carrying a toolbox and a trusty companion. Embrace the whimsy and functionality of this unique multi-tool, and turn everyday tasks into joyful experiences. Proudly MADE IN USA.

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