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Halo Wallet

Halo Wallet

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The Halo Wallet is a minimalist carry wallet, presenting a paradigm of efficiency and functionality.

  • Material Composition: Utilizing a high-resiliency elastic fabric, the Halo Wallet ensures durability, providing an extended lifecycle even under constant stretch and load conditions.
  • Weight Characteristics: With an ultralight construction, the wallet exhibits a mass negligible to the user, ensuring optimal portability.
  • Form Factor: The slim profile design adheres to minimalist principles, resulting in a product that is compact and streamlined for pockets or small compartments.
  • Adaptability: The intrinsic stretchable nature of the material allows for a versatile holding capacity, accommodating a variable number of cards and twice-folded cash with ease and security.
  • Manufacturing Origin: Proudly fabricated within the United States, the Halo Wallet is a testament to domestic craftsmanship and quality.

Embodying a blend of lightweight design and functional versatility, the Halo Wallet stands as a premier choice for individuals seeking a reliable, streamlined carry solution.

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We obsess over how our products are made. In fact, each belt is made with lasers and hand assembled in our workshop in Maine. We are innovators focused on making unique products that are built to last. We give 10% of profits to STEM learning to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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