Vaccinated Bar Pendant


A subtle yet visible pendant and chain for individuals who would like to express they have been vaccinated and would like to encourage others to do the same.

Chain: 20 inches


  • Visible message: bold, easily readable message that allows others to be aware of your vaccination status.


  • Stainless Steel: high quality materials that are easy to care for and durable.


  • Minimal style: subtle size and style, makes it versatile and easy to wear with a variety of outfits, makes the wearer feel comfortable wearing the pendant.


  • Laser engraved: the marking will never wear off or fade.


  • Laser cut: precision piece made in small batches, demonstrates the attention to detail and uniqueness of the product.


  • MADE IN USA: supports jobs locally, assures quality, and ensures confidence in timely fulfillment.


  • Strong chain: rugged chain designed for an active lifestyle, yet designed to breakaway if accidentally caught in a hazard.


  • Fully Waterproof: wear anywhere, in and out of the water.


  • Easy carry: attach valuables to the chain while at the beach or gym.

In public settings, people need to socially distance themselves if they are not vaccinated. Knowing the status of someone without having to ask makes others more comfortable. It also normalizes vaccination and spreads awareness of getting vaccinated.


"Subtle, yet beautiful" - Kim S. in Maine

"The Most Important Jewelry of 2021." - Ginni B. in California

"The Best Way to Share Your Status." - James P. in Massachusetts

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