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Free pong is a new competitive wall game! It's "Beer Pong Meets Darts". Remove the brackets and it becomes home decor. No need to set it in the basement, this handsome board will fit into any living space!


  • With two players, take turns throwing one or two balls at the cups.
  • Remove cups from the board as balls are sunk.
  • All 6 cups on the board are fair game to either player.
  • First to sink 4 cups wins!
  • In case of a tie, re-rack 3 cups for a tie-breaker.


  • Vertical beer pong: Saves space!
  • Wall mounted: If you miss, the balls bounce back to you!
  • Home decor: When brackets are removed, it becomes wall decor. Hang it anywhere, not just the rec' room.
  • 360-degree brackets: Fully encompasses each cup, so cups won’t fall out, or tip over and spill, simple as that.
  • Tension-fit brackets: Our patent-pending brackets have a slightly twisted design which apply a constant gripping force to the board.
  • 6-cup arrangement: Based on our testing, we found this was the optimal number of cups for game length and board space.
  • Majestic mountain design: Perfect for any home.
  • Stainless steel: Brackets are made to last a lifetime.
  • Baltic birch: 5-ply solid-veneer construction. It looks clean and modern.
  • Lightweight: Easy to hang, but durable enough to last.
  • Laser cut / engraved: The mountain details are indelibly engraved into the wood and won't get damaged.
  • Versatile cup holder: Designed for standard party cups, but fits a variety of plastic cups.


  • Competition Set comes with Command Strips for adhering to wall.
  • When ready to play, insert the 6 brackets, angled down.
  • Insert any plastic cup into each bracket.
  • For team play, get 2 board sets!


  • 1x Mountain-shaped baltic birch Free Pong game board
  • 6x Tension Fit stainless steel brackets
  • 3x Command Strip sets for adhesive wall hanging

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