Hyper Thin Knife



Introducing pocket knives that are the size of a credit card and are designed to look as extreme as they really are. Every part of this knife is engineered to look, feel, and perform as you need and want. It’s a multitool as well, with multiple features for everyday use. Worried TSA airport security might confiscate this knife from you? With our FlyOff design, think again. More about that in a minute.  

With our first credit card knife, WildCard™, we wanted to minimize space and maximize utility. With our second iteration, we wanted to leave nothing on the table and have that fact be evident at first glance.



Our Hyper-Thin 440 is made with an upgraded 440C stainless steel blade. This harder material can cut longer without dulling and sharpens to a sharper edge. It's 30% stronger as well. We also upgraded the handle from 410 stainless steel to 420, a 40% increase in yield strength.

Lastly, wanting to leave nothing behind, we laser cut 18 holes to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. The holes triple the cut time on the laser, which is expensive, but reasonable given the already high material cost of this knife. And the nod to lightweight aerospace design is worth it. The HT-440 is certainly designed for knife enthusiasts.

Lightweight DesignLightweight Design



For those just looking for a minimal carry pocket knife, we designed the entry-level companion Hyper-Thin 420. Made with a 410 stainless steel handle and 420 stainless steel blade, it is an excellent knife that will serve you well… it’s just not the HT-440, in style or in cut quality. Its minimal design motif can certainly be appreciated by many, though, giving it a unique place next to its cousin, WildCard.



At first glance, the HT-440 shocks you with its thinness. Then its satisfying locking mechanism speaks to its craftsmanship. Gripping the handle with the blade open, gives you confidence you didn’t expect from holding such thin metal. Lastly, its strength - despite having so little material - is surprising.

But wait there’s more…  

 FlyOff Blade 

We kept the patented FlyOff® pivot that enables you to remove the blade quickly, easily, and without tools. If you forget to put your HT-440 or HT-420 in your checked luggage when traveling and you get stopped at airport security, you can simply surrender the blade. Replacement blades are available in the reward tiers and you can always order more replacement blades online later.

1 Press Unlock button  2 Push blade up and rotate  3 Keep rotating  4 Blade is off1. Press Unlock button | 2. Push blade up and rotate | 3. Keep rotating | 4. Blade is off.



Both the HT-440 and HT-420 make full use of their card profile. Every edge and square inch is utilized as a knife feature or as a tool.

  • Knife
  • Prybar
  • Screwdriver tips
  • Bottle Opener
  • Inch Ruler
  • Metric Ruler

People often misuse their knives as a screwdriver or as a prybar, so these features are built right into the handle. Of course, it wouldn't be a Zootility Co. design without a bottle opener. Rulers can often come in handy, so we made the straight edge an inch ruler on one side and a metric ruler on the other. All of these features are integrated into the fully-hardened stainless steel construction, creating a rigid and safe knife with a solid feel and exceptional durability. All the markings are fiber laser engraved to ensure the highest quality mark possible.  

2x Screwdrivers  Bottle opener  Pry tool2x Screwdrivers | Bottle opener | Pry tool



Width: 3.15in

Height: 2.17 in

Blade Thickness: 0.04 in

Overall Thickness: 0.087 in

Weight: 1.1 oz

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