Where are you headed? Don't forget your EDC tools.

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Got some big travel plans? Don’t go out into the world unprepared.

We’ve perused the travel-friendly (read: lightweight, small, and hopefully TSA-compliant) EDC multi-tools on the market today, and picked out a few of our favorites. No matter what kind of travel or trip you have planned, we've found the multi-tool that will come in handy.

Why travel with a multi-tool, anyway? Isn’t the point of traveling that you don’t have to worry about the mundane, the every day, and the to-do lists? Well, like any prepared EDCer knows, life happens, even when it’s not supposed to. So whether you’re off on an epic bike ride, chilling by a lake with some pals, or exploring a new city, having a few key capabilities can come in wicked handy.


CITY EXPLORATION -- Dig into some eats at some hip city’s hippest new restaurant, while planning your next meal and/or next adventure, all without getting your phone too covered in food (and, your credit card will already be out when the server comes around with the bill). PocketMonkey’s credit card phone stand helps you keep your trip-planning on schedule, and can also provide an interesting angle for those insta-shots. Plus, PocketMonkey’s got all your other travel basics covered: sunglasses screwdriver, door slip in case you accidentally lock yourself in the bathroom, bottle opener, ruler (so when the map says 1 inch = 1 mile, you know), and more. Made-in-USA PocketMonkey tucks into your wallet and doesn’t violate any TSA rules, so he can go with you across the country or across the ocean.


BIKE ODYSSEY -- Also Made in the USA, the Reductivist Ring Tool has enough Allen wrenches and screwdrivers to get you to the nearest pro shop. Plus, the “old version” also has spoke wrenches for when you’re feeling extra handy. All models double (is it doubling when there are 8 other tools?) as bottle openers, so when the day’s ride is done, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to imbibe. It’s so small you won’t notice it in your luggage, or in your pocket. (Image: Emiliano Granado)


ROAD TRIP -- This heavy-duty, Made in USA beast of a card-sized multi-tool will not wither under the burden of fixing your car troubles, or any other troubles for that matter. Change a battery, drain the oil, whatever emergency roadside tasks come your way, feel a little better prepared with the Cha-O-Ha card in your corner. (Image: Cha O Ha)


LAKE CHILL -- All you need for lake-side chilling is a bottle opener (and maybe a corkscrew. Who brought the rosé, anyway?). Everyone’s got their favorite bottle opener magneted to their fridge, or hanging off their keys. Wouldn’t it be better to have on that’s on-hand while you’re on the dock? Whether you need just a bottle opener or want to pack a little more punch (let’s be honest, every EDC tool ever has a bottle opener), it’s easy to find EDC openers that will attach to keys, a lanyard, or whatever else you have hanging around so they’re always within reach, and won’t raise any eyebrows. (Image: Future Relic)


HIKING & CAMPING -- Unfortunately, knives are super useful when you’re out in the wilderness, but they’re super not-airplane-friendly. But chances are you’re camping close to home or within driving distance, anyway, and don’t have to worry about it. Small knives are great for minor bushwhacking (which we don’t condone), cutting up food for trail snacks or around the campfire, cutting s’more sticks to length, whittling, and more. While you’re cutting up all that wood, you might get a splinter, in which case having a pair of tweezers on hand will do your fingertips a world of good. Seems like this is all a job for your classic Swiss Army knife. Pick your priorities: this one has a flashlight, this one’s got tweezers. (Image: Victorinox Swiss Army)



WINE TIME -- When you’re on a romantic vacay (or just a date, or a booze cruise) and scrounge up a bottle of wine to share, only to realize the rental house doesn’t have a corkscrew, or you can’t find yours, make sure you have this ever-present self-contained corkscrew. Plus, no blades, so you should be able to carry it right onto a plane with your keys. (Image: True Utility)


Where have you been recently, and what have you brought with you? Wherever you're headed, make sure you have the right tool for the job.



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