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When the munchies attack, the credit card tool zoo in your wallet has your back. Because no one wants you to go hungry.

I'm always glad I've got my Zootility credit card tool pals with me, because they make snack time just that much easier. No matter what I'm hungry for, there’s a snack — and a tool in my pocket — for that.

PocketMonkey, WildCard, and Headgehog were all specifically designed with hungry people in mind, and have all been known to save the day a time or two when blood sugars get just a little too low. And they're not alone: the Open Beer Season openers have their own snack-time-related role, and even Tülry can get in on the action.

It's a snack-feast for everyone, so pull out your wallets!


pocketmonkey orange peeler everyday carry credit card tool

When you don't want scurvy, but you also don't want your hands to get all sticky and zesty and you don't want pith all under your fingernails, recruit PocketMonkey to your team. Believe it or not, his little orange peeler slices right through the skin, leaving a trail of spiralized peel with minimal fingernail effort. (The original spiralizer, perhaps?)


wildcard beef jerky credit card tool everyday carry

Long day of skiing? Hungry for something a little meatier? Without WildCard, opening this delicious beer-marinated beef jerky is a risky endeavor. So save your teeth, use a WildCard. Plus, sharing is caring, and sharing is easier with a sharp, sharp blade.


headgehog chip clip credit card tools everyday carry

And when the real munchies come around, we can't get enough of crunchy, salty, addictive handfuls of whatever you put in front of us. Chips, other kinds of chips, popcorn, whatever. But if we have to stop munching (but why?), we're always glad to have Headgehog around. It's built-in chip clip saves snacks from staleness, to be savored on a later date.


tulry everyday wear multi tool jewelry necklace

Tülry might be wicked new school, but its cleverly-sized tool endings can also go old school. You know when  you're trying to stab open a Capri Sun with that terrible plastic straw? Well, forget the straw. Because now, there's Tülry.


credit card tool bottle opener everyday carry

Liquefy your snack time. Zootility's credit card-sized bottle openers — like Open Beer Season, and the 50 States series — are always there when you crave refreshment from a delicious bottled beverage.


Those everyday wear and everyday carry credit card multi-tools you thought were just good for tightening screws, opening envelopes, combing hair, and cutting stuff? They're all just as happy helping you quell those hunger pangs.

Zootility Tools: part of this complete snacktime