Valentine's Day EDC Gift Guide: Show Her You Know Her

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Ahh, the season of love. And if you’re in New England, the season of freezing rain. Whether you’re more of a snuggle-by-the-fire kind of couple or a backcountry-snowshoe-trip kind of couple, we’ve got a few Valentine’s tricks up our heart-wearing sleeves that will help you really show how well you know her, no dinner reservations needed.

(What, you didn’t know we made jewelry? Lasers aren’t just for credit-card multi-tools. They work just as well for pendants, Keyrounds, and clever bottle openers as they do for monkeys, wolves, and hedgehogs.)

Outdoor Metalworks Live More Collection Pendants

Warm the hearts of the people who matter most with this thoughtful gift, proving that you really know what makes life worth living. So your girlfriend loves drinking wine? Baking? Climbing? Dancing? Sailing? Knitting?

There’s a pendant for that — in 24K gold- and rhodium-plated.

laser cut jewelry pendant unique

Pair it with a bottle of wine, a salsa dance lesson for the two of you, a day at the rock gym, a skein of yarn — whatever she’s into, take your gift game up a notch.


She’s fashionable, but loves function. She’s self-sufficient and stylish. Give her something useful, and she’ll think of you every time she uses it. Tülry, the world’s first glamour utility necklace, makes conquering the everyday runway as easy as getting dressed in the morning.

Tülry is available in 4-, 10-, and 16-tool versions, for DIY-ers of all levels and needs.

tulry everyday wear wearable tools

When you gift her a Tülry, she'll finally believe you have great taste. Just promise you'll stop trying to help when she doesn't want help.

Beer and Friends Bottle Openers:

She appreciates a good pun. And a good brew. Jewelry isn’t really how you guys roll, but everyone could always use another bottle opener, right? Pair a witty credit-card bottle opener with her favorite beer and you’ve got your Valentine’s Day plans right there.

laser beer bottle opener credit card multi tool wallet card edc


Show her you know her with these one-of-a-kind gift ideas, only from Zootility.

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