The Life and Times of PocketMonkey: What It Takes To Make the Cutest Credit Card Multi Tools Around

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The Life and Times of PocketMonkey: What It Takes To Make the Cutest Credit Card Multi Tools Around

What does it take to make a 12-in-1 credit card multi tool? Ingenuity, cool machines, and great people.*

When PocketMonkey was first conceived, designing a super-handy multi tool was the paramount concern. And what’s handier in our modern era than a credit card? You’ve (hopefully) always got your wallet on you, but you don’t always have a set of tools. We had our task laid out for us: how to make a multi tool that’s the size, shape, and weight of a credit card. A tool that can live in your wallet, but that you hardly notice is there.

After ruling out giraffes, elephants, hippopotamuses (hippopotami?), snakes, puffins, phytoplankton, and various other members of the animal (and algal) kingdoms**, we settled on a monkey. Its unique shape lends itself to transformation into a credit card tool, and it’s a perky pal that is happy to hang out in your wallet all day. His tail is a lock slip, letter opener, and a micro-screwdriver, and his head is a smile (perhaps the most important of his 12+ tools).

Once we settled on the credit card-sized, wallet-friendly monkey design, we needed to crank out a few dozen to get started. We couldn’t find anyone to do it for us at the quality, specifications, and price point that we (and you!) demanded, so we shopped around our neighborhood yard sales and found a few laser cutters that we knew could do the job. A few sheets of high-quality steel later, we had our first credit card monkey-shaped multi tools.

Next, we had to recruit a crack team of folks that would work tirelessly to bring PocketMonkey from his humble beginnings to the wallets and pockets of eager new friends all around the world. This includes our earliest Kickstarter backers to our staff, then and now, to the great folks who think PocketMonkey is worth a spot in their wallet. Now, PocketMonkey can be found in wallets from Australia to Singapore to the UK to the US and back again. And boy, are we grateful.

From a sheet of steel to finished product, he’s a credit card multi tool made by us, for you. Plus, what a stocking stuffer!


*This story isn’t exactly how it went down; it’s the abridged version.
**This is probably an exaggeration.