The EDC Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone You Know

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The EDC Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone You Know

In this week’s Zine exclusive, we’re talking holidays, gifts, EDC, and what to get for the guy or gal who seems to have it all — or the guy or gal you hardly know at all. We’re multi-purpose, just like our tools.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s officially the holiday season, in case the music at your daily coffee haunt hasn’t tipped you off. Gift-giving can be one of the hardest tasks that you feel obligated to fulfill, whether it’s for your best friend or for the weird guy you got for your office Secret Santa. In either case, may we suggest … some tools?

Before you scamper off, tools aren’t just for your woodworking uncle! Everyone appreciates a well-placed Phillips head as much as the next gal (or guy). If you want something ready to go, we’ve got these gift sets already packed up by our elves (er, employees).

If you’d prefer to put a little extra time and effort into your gift-giving this season, we’ve come up with a few great gift pairings featuring other makers and artisans we love. They’re just the inspiration: start here, go anywhere. And share your best Zootility+ pairings with us by tagging us on your favorite social medium!

We’ve broken it down by what your gift recipient is into (since that’s typically a good way to start when brainstorming gift ideas), and we think there’s a little something for everyone. And if you can’t find something for them on this list, well, then we’re a PocketMonkey’s uncle.

You need a gift for someone who ...


Whether they’re into clever puns or have a little too much state pride, there’s an opener at Zootility with their name on it. And throw in a brewski, too, for a ready-to-party gift appropriate for every 21+ situation.

koalified open beer season opener


Boyfriend needs a new wallet? And struggles to find the right tool for the job? Set him up for success with a wallet pre-loaded or pre-paired with a PocketMonkey. We’ve got him all set up in a Utah-made leather bed from Rustico, but if you prefer more of a casual setting, check out these wallets from FlowFold that we think go great with PM’s vibe.


Nobody likes hat hair. And nobody likes cold ears. Kill two birds with one well-chosen gift pack: Headgehog + a sweet hat, like this cashmere one from fellow Maine manufacturers Woodboogah.

headgehog edc comb multitool

Images: Zootility (L), Woodboogah (R)


For when your bestie can keep track of her keys, or her wallet, but not both, invest in a clutch + Keyround combo pack on her behalf. Keys are easy on, easy off, and safer for nails than your usual key ring. Clutch-wise, we love these pieces from Alaina Marie, but you probably have your own favorites.

keyround edc keys  
Images: Zootility (L), Alaina Marie (R)


Okay, so we all have necks. But if you think your sister or mom or favorite necklace-wearer could really benefit from having some tools at-hand, Tülry is a great option. Don't think Tülry is the right choice? Consider the "more" pendants: there’s one for everyone you know, from the couch potato to the cheerleader to the avid hiker. And don't forget a nice scarf, because no one likes cold metal on their skin.


Protect that mahogany at all cost. For the high-powered business people or the puzzle-loving soda-sippers, a few nice glasses from your favorite local beverage producer paired with these entertaining puzzle coasters keep the whole family happy.


Edible gifts are best, and edible gifts that come with their own prep tools are even better. Pair WildCard with your favorite cheese(s) and some crackers. Rather drink a cocktail? Switch out the cheese for some limes and cocktail ingredients. Just don't forget the WildCard; it's the anytime blade that makes the gift.

wildcard cocktail gift set

Hopefully this guide helped you come up with some great gift ideas for your favorite people. Just promise us that if you do gift a rum-based Manhattan kit, you won't actually put a lime in it.