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7 Radical Summer Projects for your EDC Pal, PocketMonkey

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Now that summer is indisputably here, PocketMonkey and his portable, pocket-friendly, everyday-carry, multi-tool self (Made in USA, to boot!) is the name of the game. How else are you going to tighten your sunglasses screws on the way to the beach? With that toolbox stashed in your garage? We’ve come up with seven essential uses for PocketMonkey that are uniquely summer, whether you're traveling or staycationing, and will have you craving a little more sunshine. As if you weren’t already. 1. Keep your place in your beach read. You're reading peacefully in the sun, and all of a sudden you're...

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Hitting the beach? Don't leave your pocket-friendly multi-tools behind.

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It's tempting to pare down your pocket contents when you're hitting the beach, headed up to the lake, or cruising out of town on summer vacay. No one wants to be bogged down by a toolbox's worth of metal for the just-in-case scenarios. But PocketMonkey and friends are different from the bigger, bulkier utility tools: the size of a credit card, these Made-in-America multi-tools fit perfectly inside your wallet — or double as a money clip if you have a rubber band, foregoing the wallet altogether — so you're prepared for the unforeseeable without feeling like a Doomsday Preparedness Expert....

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