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Gone Skiing: Credit Card Tools, Tissues, and More

credit card tool EDC empty your pockets headgehog skiing travel winter

The essential pocket contents for a skiing EDC (...a SkiDC?).

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Where are you headed? Don't forget your EDC tools.

best tools design EDC essential multitool on the road travel

Got some big travel plans? Don’t go out into the world unprepared. We’ve perused the travel-friendly (read: lightweight, small, and hopefully TSA-compliant) EDC multi-tools on the market today, and picked out a few of our favorites. No matter what kind of travel or trip you have planned, we've found the multi-tool that will come in handy. Why travel with a multi-tool, anyway? Isn’t the point of traveling that you don’t have to worry about the mundane, the every day, and the to-do lists? Well, like any prepared EDCer knows, life happens, even when it’s not supposed to. So whether you’re...

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