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Zine — pocketmonkey

PocketMonkey for Everyone: Graph Paper Edition

credit card tool design EDC multitool pocketmonkey

PocketMonkey takes on graph paper, because PocketMonkey isn't afraid of the indoors.

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When the Munchies Attack: Credit Card Tools to the Rescue

credit card tool fun with tools headgehog inspo multitool open beer season pocketmonkey snacks tulry wildcard

Zootility Tools: part of this complete snacktime.

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A Tail of PocketMonkey: The Credit-Card Tool Hero of Tax Season

best tools credit card tool EDC multitool pocketmonkey

PocketMonkey, the credit card multi-tool and the unsung hero of tax season, opens all your envelopes with a built-in letter opener.

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Credit Card Tools That Cook: The Zoo’s in the Kitchen

cooking credit card tool how to kitchen multitool pocketmonkey wildcard

We peeled and deveined shrimp with PocketMonkey and WildCard. Here's how it went.

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The Life and Times of PocketMonkey: What It Takes To Make the Cutest Credit Card Multi Tools Around

best tools design EDC essential made in usa multitool pocketmonkey

What does it take to make a 12-in-1 credit card multi tool? Ingenuity, cool machines, and great people.

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