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Zine — headgehog

When the Munchies Attack: Credit Card Tools to the Rescue

credit card tool fun with tools headgehog inspo multitool open beer season pocketmonkey snacks tulry wildcard

Zootility Tools: part of this complete snacktime.

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Gone Skiing: Credit Card Tools, Tissues, and More

credit card tool EDC empty your pockets headgehog skiing travel winter

The essential pocket contents for a skiing EDC (...a SkiDC?).

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Building a credit card tool inventory: Headgehog for hair care and galactic travel

credit card tool design EDC headgehog multitool

Headgehog is the cutest and most useful credit card tool an EDC could ask for.

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Must-Carry for Beards: The Beard EDC Dream Kit

beard EDC essential headgehog

The must-have, must-use everyday beard tools and supplies.

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Hitting the beach? Don't leave your pocket-friendly multi-tools behind.

EDC essential headgehog open beer season pocketmonkey summer Wallet wildcard

It's tempting to pare down your pocket contents when you're hitting the beach, headed up to the lake, or cruising out of town on summer vacay. No one wants to be bogged down by a toolbox's worth of metal for the just-in-case scenarios. But PocketMonkey and friends are different from the bigger, bulkier utility tools: the size of a credit card, these Made-in-America multi-tools fit perfectly inside your wallet — or double as a money clip if you have a rubber band, foregoing the wallet altogether — so you're prepared for the unforeseeable without feeling like a Doomsday Preparedness Expert....

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