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Valentine's Day EDC Gift Guide: Show Her You Know Her

design essential everyday wear gift ideas holiday specials open beer season outdoor metalworks tulry wish list women

Stuck on what to get her for Valentine's Day? We've got lasers and design on our side — let us help.

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5 Actual Times It Would Have Been Great If Tülry Had Already Been Invented

design EDC essential everyday wear multitool tulry women

5 Actual Times It Would Have Been Great If Tülry Had Already Been Invented: from skiing to shipping, life is more glamorous and more useful with Tülry involved.

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RNGR + REI Dream Team: EDC Design, Collaboration, and Crowdfunding FTW

crowdfunding design EDC essential knife made in usa partnerships REI rngr

Thanks to REI's partnership, we've been able to jump-start production on the RNGR ST-2, our newest EDC knife design.

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A Better Credit Card Tool: Ice Breaker, Wingman, Party Animal. It's Open Beer Season.

credit card tool essential gift ideas multitool open beer season

Open Beer Season credit card tool bottle openers are certified party animals. Have them at the ready for a never-dull night.

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EDC of the Day: An Everyday Carry Kit for Every Woman

EDC empty your pockets essential everyday wear inspo women

#inspo alert: An everyday carry (EDC) for every woman.

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