Gone Skiing: Credit Card Tools, Tissues, and More

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Gone Skiing: Credit Card Tools, Tissues, and More

The days are getting longer, but the snow is still falling. We know what that means: it’s high time to capitalize on winter. Zootility’s credit card-sized, wallet-friendly multi tools are just as at home on the ski slopes as they are on hiking trips, at garden parties, or biking down the street. We consider them a core part of an Everyday Carry for an everyday — or an any-day — skier.

The reality is, when you’re skiing at a resort, you just don’t need a ton of gear with you. Unless you’re really effing up (not recommended), you won’t be far from a Ski Patroller, a Lodge, or at least a Lift where they have communications devices to summon said ski patroller or whence you can borrow the occasional screwdriver if you’re lucky.

So on most ski days, we’re not talking heavy-duty wilderness survival gear here. (If you can use Headgehog to save your sorry soul in the backcountry, more power to you — and let us know how you did it.) We just want to get out and enjoy the mountain. When we’re looking to “gear up” for a day on the slopes, we think small, light, and pocket-friendly — just enough to make the day flow that much more smoothly.

 ski credit card tool EDC pocket dump

I pocket-dumped my own ski clothes to take a closer look at what the key components of a no-interruptions day on the slope look like. Here’s what’s in my Ski-DC, clockwise from bottom left:

* De-burring edge tool. I bought this once at a ski shop. I am not sure why. I use it occasionally to pretend I am doing something important and knowledgeable to my ski edges. It has been in this pocket for probably seven years and used probably three times.

* A half-eaten CLIF bar of unknown age and provenance. Point being, always have a pocket snack.

* A Burt’s Bees Honey throat drop, because mountains can be cold and dry and sore throats are the worst.

* A MAX Pass. Or whatever ski pass you use (if you have a pass). Don’t forget your pass! I always keep it in a pocket separate from anything else, due to inconvenience level and bummer factor if lost.

* Goggle lens wipe. To be fair, this came clipped into the jacket, but it’s something I also used to carry before I had this jacket. Definitely important for face shots, or when you get that frozen-on ice layer from skiing through man-made blow.

* Burt’s Bees honey chapstick. I actually like the pomegranate best, but this is what’s in there. Chapstick is MISSION CRITICAL.

* “Money Clip” fashioned from thick rubber band + Headgehog. Thanks to Headgehog’s cleverly-designed divets, it’s made to be an on-the-fly money clip. Plus, having Headgehog’s comb on hand means you’re ready to extract wayward tree pieces from your hair when you’re a little too deep in the woods; it opens beers at the après; and it’s ready to adjust bindings, boots, and whatever else with its Philips head. Plus, you can always add your PocketMonkey to your money clip for extended functionality.

* Tissues! Also mission critical.

* Another throat drop, and a trail map. Because getting lost isn’t so fun.


What are your pocket must-haves for a day of skiing?