RNGR + REI Dream Team: EDC Design, Collaboration, and Crowdfunding FTW

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You may have seen whisperings on various social media channels or Kickstarter about RNGR ST-2: as stealth as a Ranger and as badass as, well, a Ranger.

It's our newest knife, built with the same locking design as WildCard, but thicker, longer, and tougher. It’s the knife that’ll get you further, deeper, higher — wherever you want to be.

It’s low-profile: under an ounce and a half, less than two and a half inches long, an eighth-inch thick, and like everything else we make, it won’t bend or break (in normal use conditions, of course). The blade is removable and replaceable, super sharp, and partly serrated. RNGR is what you bring when you’re going places.

rngr edc knife

RNGR is way slimmer than your average pocket knife.

But here’s the catch*: the Kickstarter is closed, and RNGR isn’t available for sale on our webstore yet. So how can you get one?

Thanks to mega-backer, partner, and angel from on high REI, RNGR got pushed into production after only a few short weeks of fundraising. Indebted to their partnership and collaboration in fast-tracking this project, they received the first batch of RNGR knives — and you can buy one now through their website or at your friendly neighborhood REI.

We are super grateful for REI’s investment. They’ve put their money where their mouth is in showing that they support small manufacturers, Makers, Made in USA products, and crowdfunding. Plus, we’re stoked that they recognize awesome design. :) And of course, as always, thanks to our dedicated, non-corporate backers who always believe in our designs and our products.

* This is a locking mechanism joke.

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