My First Tülry: When Everyday Carry Becomes Everyday Wear

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My First Tülry: When Everyday Carry Becomes Everyday Wear

I spent the first half of the first week I had Tülry with it neglected, but not forgotten, in its box in the bottom of my bag. It seemed like a big moment, the one in which I would put it on for the first time, and for some reason I wanted it to be special. Like roses on the bed kind of special, or fireworks in January kind of special. Maybe my expectations were disproportionate, but it seemed like the moment I put a tool around my neck for the first time might be a little out of the ordinary.

Tool necklace

The original tool necklace: nothing like Tülry

Tülry is, after all, nothing if not out of the ordinary. A year and more of design work, and then fundraising and marketing, went into the launch of Tülry. And what do we have to show for it? Only the world’s first functional and fashionable piece of glamour utility jewelry. Tülry is, in its own way, a revolution. No longer do we need to find ways to fit tools into our lives: they are finally here, pre-packaged and eminently functional, ready to accompany us on our daily routine. If we’re ready to let them.

The big moment came one night while having cocktails with a girlfriend. I took it out to show to her and as she was making fun of me for having it hidden away and hence unusable, I finally unpacked it. Twenty minutes later, I asked her if she had anything that needed to be screwdrivered so I could try it out. She laughed at me. She does that a lot.


Part of my initial hesitation to wear Tülry came down to the fact that it is, at its core, a tool set. Even if no one else could tell, I would know that I was basically wearing an incognito toolbox around my neck, and for those of us who haven’t done so previously, there’s something a little weird about that. It’s not quite a knife hidden in a stiletto, but still. But as I wore it out and about for a few days, continuously hoping something would need to be fixed and showing it off to anyone who would listen, I got used to it as an accessory as well as a tool. It came with me on an expedition to a rock formation, out to dinner, and to the couch to watch Kill Bill. While unfortunately nothing needed to be fixed on these outings, I started to take some pride in my little undercover tool box. Just in case, you know? Soon I might even start breaking things on purpose.

It hangs now, when not in use, along with my other necklaces that aren’t worn as often as they deserve to be, but it won’t take much convincing or reminding to get me to wear it out of the house on a regular basis given its high functionality quotient. All I can hope now is that next time someone needs something screwdrivered or bottle-opened, I’ll remember what that thing around my neck is actually made for and whip off the necessary tool from the chain before anyone else can reach into their wallets for theirs. Forget Everyday Carry: this is Everyday Wear.

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