Must-Carry for Beards: The Beard EDC Dream Kit

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Are you, or do you know any, men, particularly those who have beards and a deep appreciation for a well-designed everyday-carry multi-tool? Then listen up.

If you haven’t noticed, beards are pretty “in” these days among a certain set. What can the average bearded man carry or use every day to keep that beard looking appropriately groomed, yet appropriately wild? We've got your answers: here’s an ideal EDC beard maintenance pack*, curated by yours truly.

1. The first rule of beard care is keep! it! clean! (but also, do not talk about beard care).

Try this charcoal-loaded
Black Willow Soap from Smoky Mountain Beards down in Georgia. Maybe soap isn’t the most sensible everyday-carry item, but you wouldn’t want to start your day without the cleanest, willowiest beard possible, right?

smoky mountain beard soap everyday carry

2. The second rule of beard care is keep it neat.
For grooming on the fly, obviously we love the
Headgehog. In addition to a beard comb (no one likes stray wisps), this pocket pal comes complete with a chip bag clip, a few hexes, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver. And a cute face. Awww. And OMG hedgehog.

hedgehog headgehog zootility edc everyday carry beard tools

Beard Balm
3. The third rule of beard care is keep it moist.
A beard that’s not moist and supple is no beard at all. This slider tin of beard oil with beeswax, mint, shea butter, and sweet almond oil, from Ohio-made Cliff Original, is the perfect size and shape for your bEardDC (get it?) kit. It’s just so darn convenient!

cliff's original beard balm edc everyday carry

4. Need a quick trim?
Badass Beard Care slings these posh-looking face trimmers, but there’s no reason you can’t swing by your friendly neighborhood Rite-Aid. Or just raid your neighbor’s grow op, though you run the risk of some sticky icky in the old face rug.

beard mustache scissors edc everyday carry

Mustache Wax
5. And for all the mustachioed gentlemen out there, we haven’t forgotten you.
Whatever kind of mustache guy you are — more
Old Money or more Lumberyard — your mustache can smell and shape to match, thanks to Beardbrand and this totally portable tube.

mustache wax everyday carry edc beard care

Carrying Case
6. Don’t forget something to carry it all in!
Mountaineer Brand has a
snazzy leather case that comes pre-loaded with an oil, balm, and brush of your choice. Or, Texas Beard Company sells this unloaded Dopp bag. Add a few other products from this list and you are good to go literally anywhere.

beard bag everyday carry edc case

Beard Oil
7. But wait, before you go —
Cap off a long day of life with this soothing Night Cap Beard Oil from Texas Beard Company, chock full of relaxing scents to send you off into dreamland without a hitch. Plus, it's small enough that you can tuck it into your pocket, if you know what we're saying.

beard oil everyday carry edc

Share It
8. When you wake up, and your beard is still looking good …
Do you keep an impressive beard? Do you have a favorite EDC beard kit? Show us on Instagram with #zoobeards and tag @zootility!

zootility headgehog everyday carry beard tools

*GIFT IDEA ALERT: It’s almost holiday season! Show the bearded men in your life some love with some hand-selected beard maintenance equipment.

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