Everyday Carry for Everyday Spring: Grab a sunshine-ready EDC kit and hit the trails

Posted by Audrey Farber on

Spring is here — equinox and everything —and it's time to get ready for green, mud, and sun. Summer is just around the corner. Our winter EDC kits can go into storage and we can start transitioning into longer days and, finally, longer walks.

Before you start hitting the trails, on a bike or on foot, for one mile or ten, prepare yourself. For every impromptu outdoor adventure, a few small everyday carry accessories can make your day way smoother.

tülry keyround edc trail kit

1. Tülry — The Allen wrenches are handy when you're on your bike, but a bottle opener always comes in handy, too.

2. Keyround — Don't let your keys weigh you down. Your house key can be easily detached for a ‘round the neighborhood stroll, run, or bike ride.

3. Headphones — Drown out the world. Jam out to Beyoncé. Listen to symphonies. Catch up on your podcasts. You do you.

4. Extra hair elastic — Straight from work to trail? Stay cool.

5. Maps — Cell phones don’t work everywhere. Reduce your screen time. Hone your map skills. At least, know which trail is which.

6. Snacks — Low blood sugar is the worst (especially without a map).

7. Cheap sunglasses — Sunny? Cloudy? And you won’t care if they get lost.

8. Sunscreen — When you need it, you need it.


It's almost summer. Be ready.

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