EDC of the Day: An Everyday Carry Kit for Every Woman

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EDC of the Day: An Everyday Carry Kit for Every Woman

Want to outfit your life with an indispensable EDC kit? With so many worthwhile EDC (everyday carry) and EDW (everyday wear) components out there, how do you know what to choose?

An EDC (the pieces you end up bringing with you every day, no matter what: pens, watches, knives, notebooks, handcuffs, whatever) is a very personal thing. A picture of someone’s EDC can be like a snapshot of their personality. It tells you what their average day looks like, what’s useful to them, how they see themselves, what they value, and more. It also can be a fun way to discover new, useful products, gift ideas, or organizational strategies for our busy, chaotic lives.

We're building out some example EDC kits to inspire you to build your own, to share your favorites, and who knows — maybe we’ll get more ideas for great products in the process.

Check out today’s EDC. Nothing fancy; just your basic, everyday needs. In its components, we’ve covered scheduling, hair control, knives, screwdrivers, car key loss prevention, lip moisturizing, and more. What else could you do with this kit? What would you add?

EDC kit everyday carry

  1. Moleskine 2018 Alice in Wonderland Daily Planner
  2. BIC ballpoint pen
  3. Zootility WildCard
  4. Zootility Tülry
  5. Zootility Keyround, Oregon edition (+ library card)
  7. Hair elastic + butterfly clip

What's in your pockets?