Our favorite EDC multi-tools: The only round-up by and for women

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Our favorite EDC multi-tools: The only round-up by and for women

Let’s be honest: the EDC world is kind of a man cave. In our hunt for our favorite multi-tools, we've decided enough is enough. We're sick of men on the interwebs mansplaining their tools to us and picking out whichever flower-covered pink plastic "tool" they think is best suited to our delicate tastes.

Image: Green Toys/Amazon.com

We gals like to be able to fix our stuff when it breaks, too, and no, we don’t need help. There’s no reason we can’t buy and use all the same tools as the boys do (and we do), but there are some out there that we've noticed are particularly suited to the peculiar criteria of our lives (small pockets, am I right?). And the number of pink flowers has nothing to do with it.

We've picked out a few EDC multi-tools here that we could actually see ourselves carrying as EDC pieces. You'll notice they're united by a few key design themes: They are not bulky, and they won't make us feel like we're lugging a whole toolbox around with us (many of us already have a pharmacy, an office, and a salon with us at all times and we don't need a garage, too). They’re unassuming, and would slide neatly into our daily lives without too much disruption, without demanding accommodation. All you need are keys, a clutch, a wrist, or a neck and you've got the tools you need at the tips of your fingers. Ultimately, they are functional and well-formed, without unnecessary bulk or unnecessary decoration. We're willing to forego a comprehensive tool inventory in favor of realism and convenience. The tools of a lady must fit in, must look good, and must, above all, be functional.

Here are a few we're into these days:

This hidden-blade ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/115928701/the-man-ring-titanium-utility-ring
This ring fits right in to a daily rotation. You don't need to carry it if you're wearing it and it doesn't take up precious bag space. It features a few blades, which are useful for basically everything, and is custom-made to size so whether your finger is a 5 or a 9, you know it'll fit. Plus, the tiny comb will untangle those intractable knots that drive you crazy. It's not cheap, but it'll last.

Image: Boone Rings via Etsy


If you’re feeling punk-rock: http://www.leatherman.com/tread-425.html
Alright, so this is a pretty bold statement, but it's not like you'll be wearing a hammer around your neck. It probably has the most tools of anything on this list, so if you're actually serious about the "tool" aspect of "multi-tool", this might be the piece for you, especially if you're a heavy user of hexes, allens, and screwdrivers (bikers and cyclists, we're looking at you). For you imported automobile fanatics, it's also available in metric.

Image: Leatherman



These fun, funky doodads: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PicaroonTools
We're pretty obsessed with these pirate-themed pieces. They've got self-defense covered, as well as adorable bottle openers, screwdrivers, hexes, prybars, and more. We like to think of them as EDC Pokémon: gotta catch 'em all! Every one of them also makes a great keychain, which means your basic tools will never be too far out of reach. Choose the pirate buddy with the tool you use most so none of his precious parts go to waste.

Image: Picaroon Tools via Etsy


And the pièce de résistance: https://shop.zootilitytools.com/collections/tulry/
Tülry exists thanks to many hours of design work borne of the recognition that women’s pants' pockets very rarely fit a dollar bill, let alone a multi-tool (even if it is a wallet-sized one). It's a necklace-meets-multi-tool stroke of EDC design genius. It's wearable, it's there, it's got plenty of tools, and it looks good. You can start small with only a few pieces, and then level up when you need a heavier-hitting tool arsenal.

There you have it, our women's EDC wish list. Well-designed, well-made, and well-worn, keep these in mind for your favorite gal pal's next birthday or holiday. And remember, you heard it here first.

What are you favorites? Any that we're missing? Shoot us a message — we'll thank you forever and maybe even feature your faves!