PocketMonkey for Everyone: Graph Paper Edition

Posted by Audrey Farber on

We love how many uses PocketMonkey has for the outdoors. Hiking, biking, skateboarding, skiing, snacking; you name it, and this everyday carry credit-card tool companion is there, ready to make your next adventure go a little more smoothly.

But we don't give a ton of attention to PocketMonkey's other attributes, like the ability to draw a straight line or measure small things. Do you often (or ever) find yourself wanting to know the circumference of a circle? Do you crave the ability to connect two points with a super-straight (if short) line? PocketMonkey is so geometrically-inclined, he can do all that. Throw in Tülry's 90˚ angles and a compass and you've really got something building.

design pocketmonkey workplace EDC multitool

PocketMonkey is homework friendly, office friendly, and garage friendly. And anywhere else your straight-line-drawing, centimeter-measuring needs might take you -friendly. He can't, however, help you remember all the digits of Pi: you're on your own for that one.

Maybe you're the hiking type, and maybe you're the graph paper type. Maybe you're both, and maybe you're neither. But we've all got wallets, and we've all got needs, and PocketMonkey is here to fill both.

We believe a well-designed multi-tool shouldn’t exclude anyone. A tool that only suits the outsiders or only suits the insiders isn't much of a multi-tool; more of an exclusi-tool. Rather, a well-designed tool should enable people to try new things. To make something new. To experiment with a new hobby. To provide a little more comfort and know-how when the unknown strikes.

That’s what preparedness is all about, after all. PocketMonkey: preparing people since 2013.

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