Credit Card Tools That Cook: The Zoo’s in the Kitchen

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Credit Card Tools That Cook: The Zoo’s in the Kitchen

Can your credit card tools take on tricky kitchen tasks? Ours do. Well, at least they try.

Today, we’re testing out if we can peel and devein a shrimp with a PocketMonkey and a WildCard. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? (Luckily, we’ve got an actual shrimp peeler/deveiner on hand in case anything goes awry. We do want to eat at some point tonight.)

PocketMonkey credit card tool shrimp peeler kitchen tools

Verdict: The PocketMonkey maybe isn’t the best peeler/deveiner, but in a pinch (aka the next time you come across some shrimp in the wild, and you just can’t wait to get home…) it’ll make do.

The WildCard, on the other hand, being sharper than most of our fleet of household paring knives, makes pretty quick (if somewhat dangerous) work of our little shrimpies’ tough shells and nasty veins. Watch how we did it:

Pockets, wallets, and now kitchens: you really can take these guys anywhere