Building a credit card tool inventory: Headgehog for hair care and galactic travel

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Building a credit card tool inventory: Headgehog for hair care and galactic travel

Alright, time for a poll. Raise your hands if you have a comb that fits in your wallet. Better yet, a comb the size of a credit card and is not just a comb but many, many tools in one. Anyone?

headgehog credit card tool

That’s what we thought. That’s why we invented Headgehog: the cutest, punniest little credit card tool slash hair care accessory this side of the Milky Way. (Headgehog might be the cutest of anywhere in the Milky Way, but we aren’t familiar with the credit card tool inventory of the far side of the galaxy just yet. If you’ve got any data either way, please let us know.)

We’ve taken the liberty of listing a few indispensable uses for Headgehog, so that next time we take a poll you’ll raise your hand.

  1. Not to state the obvious, but who wouldn’t want a credit card-sized comb in their wallet at all times? Take care of wind-blown hair, hat hair, persistent flyaways, and more.
  2. Headgehog’s phone stand means you can Netflix anytime you also have your wallet with you. Forgot your wallet? You’ve got bigger fish to fry.
  3. Didn’t finish those chips at lunch, and your hair’s all in order? Re-purpose Headgehog into a bag clip so the chips don’t go stale between now and the drive home. (Because be honest, they’re not lasting any longer than that.)
  4. Bottle openers and corkscrews have a nasty habit of becoming misplaced. Luckily, with Headgehog in your wallet, you’ve got one on-hand at all times.

Headgehog’s convenient size and shape, and pocket- and wallet-friendliness, mean it’s practically the only credit card multi tool you’ll ever need. It’ll certainly get you pretty far, if not the other end of the Milky Way.