A Tail of PocketMonkey: The Credit-Card Tool Hero of Tax Season

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Tax season is almost upon us, which means envelope upon envelope of W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, and 1097s are about to start to piling up on every available surface. Unfortunately, to prepare one’s taxes, one must open all of these envelopes, a daunting task even for those who are not prone to paper cuts.

In order to help facilitate your envelope-opening for tax season, we inventoried, analyzed, and scored the most common household letter-opening tools, gadgets, and gizmos to determine which is best suited to tackle the onslaught of mail this time of year. And, spoiler alert: PocketMonkey, the credit-card multi-tool in everyone’s wallet, featuring none other than a dedicated letter opener, takes the cake.

Sharp Knife
PROS - Will definitely open your envelope …
CONS - … but possibly also your fingers.
Efficacy: 10
Safety: 0
Score: 10
Butter Knife
PROS - Won’t cut you …
CONS - … but might not open the envelope.
Efficacy: 3
Safety: 10
Score: 13
PROS - Cut in a straight line …
CONS - … if you can find them.
Efficacy: 10
Ease of finding: 3
Score: 13
PROS - Always on hand (get it?) …
CONS - … but susceptible to paper cuts
Efficacy: 8
Safety: 4
Score: 12
Pen or Pencil
PROS - Better than a paper cut …
CONS - … but you always end up drawing on whatever’s inside the envelope
Efficacy: 8
Stray Pen Marks: 2
Score: 12
Letter Opener
PROS - The (actual) tool for the job …
CONS - … if this were 1950
Efficacy: 10
You know where to buy one: 0
Score: 10
Pocket Monkey
pockeymonkey credit card multi tool letter opener edc
PROS - Is actually a letter opener, and is in your wallet and in your pocket when you need it.
CONS - Too cute.
Efficacy: 10
Convenience: 10
Cuteness: 10
Safety: 10
Score: 40

Well, there you have it, folks: PocketMonkey, the credit-card multi-tool who's always on hand, is the tool for tax season.

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