A Howling Good Design: WildCard is the credit card tool that's also a knife

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A Howling Good Design: WildCard is the credit card tool that's also a knife

Have you ever done origami? Sure you have.

Have you ever done origami … with steel? Probably not.

This is the kind of design challenge we faced when we wanted to make WildCard, our signature fold-out knife. Imagine the challenge in making a credit card tool with a locking, removable blade. Impossible? Practically.

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But wait: just to make it harder, it had to be more than just a knife. The magic of WildCard is that it’s a credit card knife that screws, unscrews, opens, straightens, and more, all from the convenience of your wallet. That’s a lot of origami.

It took years of work (we’re not kidding) to develop a design and a manufacturing process that could handle the extraordinarily tight tolerances that WildCard required — to make the dream of a credit-card-tool-meets-wallet-friendly-knife with the capacity for replaceable blades come true.

And we’re more proud of WildCard than we are of all the origami we did as children combined. WildCard is the extraordinary result of the simple belief that a knife in your wallet is a useful proposition. Whether your day has you sharpening a pencil, cutting some herbs, carving a jack-o-lantern, preparing a picnic, or trimming some paper, what’s more convenient, and always on hand, than a credit card tool that’s also a knife?