7 Radical Summer Projects for your EDC Pal, PocketMonkey

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7 Radical Summer Projects for your EDC Pal, PocketMonkey

Now that summer is indisputably here, PocketMonkey and his portable, pocket-friendly, everyday-carry, multi-tool self (Made in USA, to boot!) is the name of the game. How else are you going to tighten your sunglasses screws on the way to the beach? With that toolbox stashed in your garage? We’ve come up with seven essential uses for PocketMonkey that are uniquely summer, whether you're traveling or staycationing, and will have you craving a little more sunshine. As if you weren’t already.

1. Keep your place in your beach read. You're reading peacefully in the sun, and all of a sudden you're roped into a game of beach volleyball. (Right? Dream beach day!) Come back to the right page, and keep track of PocketMonkey at the same time. It's a win-win.

PocketMonkey as Bookmark

2. PocketMonkey loves games. Just look at that face! PocketMonkey is perfect for measuring too-close-to-call throws in those heated games of bocce. When you can't figure out who's closer, use the standardized length of PocketMonkey (or for those really tight games, his laser-etched rulers) to determine the winner.

PocketMonkey Playing Bocce

3. Get the stem out of your strawberry. Save your fingertips from gnarly juice stains. PocketMonkey pops that stem out like nobody's business.

PocketMonkey Eats a Strawberry

4. Make lemonade. PocketMonkey's head fits snugly inside half a lemon. Squeeze, and twist. Maybe not the most efficient but, well, when life gives you lemons, right?

PocketMonkey Makes Lemonade

5. The pre-fidget-spinner fidget spinner. We don't need no fidget spinners. Look cooler than the other kids on the beach when you're spinning your multi-tool, and all they have is that lame plastic toy.

[IMG series / GIF? / I have a series of images for this but they are garbage. Probably a GIF of this would be better]

6. Make a new friend. Yes, PocketMonkey is your friend! But also, you go to a house party, pop a beer with his face, and make a new friend, IRL.

[PIC of a party scene?]

7. Be awesome. Because PocketMonkey is nothing if not awesome.

Wherever you go this summer, take PocketMonkey with you. It wouldn't be summer without him.