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5 Actual Times It Would Have Been Great If Tülry Had Already Been Invented

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Tülry is the world’s first functional, fashionable, wearable toolbox. In fact, it’s so fashionable that it’s easy to forget how functional it really is. But it was designed to be useful — and without it, we might as well still be living in the stone age.

Here are five real-world, all-the-time, pre-Tülry experiences when it would have been really great if Tülry had already been invented.

  1. When skiing. My ski boots suffer from an ailment called “having screws with Allen heads that come loose over time”. I used to carry an Allen wrench in my pocket, but it got lost many years ago. Unsurprisingly, when I looked at my ski boots the other day, I noticed a screw was missing, which necessitated a trip to a ski repair shop and a whole new screw. Would this have happened if Tülry had existed? Never.

    tulry ski boot multitool screwdriver wearable
  2. When skiing with a snowboarder. Snowboarders always need to adjust their bindings or whatever, because snowboarders have lots of needs. In the pre-Tülry era, you had to go traipsing all over the mountain looking for a Phillips head screwdriver, or carry a screwdriver around with you only to have it jab you in the leg the first time you fell over. Tülry = safety.

  3. When riding a bicycle. Pre-Tülry, a little baggie of Allen wrenches in various sizes took up most of the space in the little bag attached to my seat stem. The remainder was occupied by a spare tube. This meant no room for a cell phone, money, snacks, or first aid supplies. If Tülry had existed for all the years I’ve been riding a bike with Allen wrenches, I could have eaten so many more snacks.

  4. When trying to drink a beer. Hunting for a bottle opener is the worst, and it seems to happen every. darn. time. Drinking became infinitely more convenient in Tülry’s world, when a bottle opener started just hanging there, around my neck, waiting for the opportune moment. And boy, are there some opportune moments.

    tulry bottle opener wearable multitool
  5. When opening an exciting package. Amazon just delivered your new whatever and you’re trying to open it, vacillating between fingernails and butter knives because who even knows where the scissors live. How did we even live before having Tülry’s box tape opener right at our fingertips at all times?

    tulry box cutter wearable multitool

BONUS: Okay, this one is a little esoteric — but it happens to a friend of mine, so it’s definitely a true story. When it’s really cold, and your gas tank won’t pop, so you need something to pry it open. Enter Tülry: it’s slim, provides leverage with its 90˚ angle, and as long as you’re wearing it, is right where you need it.

Pre-Tülry, life was hard. But better late than never, as they say. Let Tülry help you conquer the everyday, and conquer the everyday runway.

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