We receive hundreds of messages annually. Recently one came in from Adam Casswell, owner of Liquid Metalworks, LLC, and it is unlike anything we have ever received…

"My wife purchased a Zootility WildCard credit card knife for me a year or so ago. This last spring we were hiking through a popular climbing area in Moab, Utah and had paused to watch a novice climber rappel off an arch. At about 30' from the ground her braid got caught in her belay device and panic ensued. I've done a fair bit of climbing so rushed over to anchor the bottom of the rope. No one around had any way of getting her down except I had my credit card knife. A few throws and she was able to catch it, cut off about 8 inches of hair that had gotten tangled in the belay device and safely made it to the ground. It was crazy, her friends above her were freaking out, her face was almost smashed into her belay device and she couldn't do a thing. It really was amazing that she caught the knife, and also amazing she didn't get seriously injured. At the end, she kept the 8 inches of her hair as souvenir to remember the close encounter. Great product, and it saved a life. Without it she could have been seriously injured."

Thanks Adam for sharing your life-saving story. Thanks to all of our customers for loving all of the Made in USA products we make at our shop in Portland, Maine.




p.s. Adam also told us that is treasured WildCard was recently taken from him by airport security. We’ve sent him a new WildCard. Plus we asked him to study WildCard’s FlyOff™ technology, which quickly and easily removes the blade… so TSA can’t take it from you! ;-)

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