The Super Thin (ST-2)

Posted by Amber Hoxha on

ST-2 is a Super Thin folding pocket knife with dual blade guards. It has a low profile of just 0.080" and fits in the third jean pocket (front coin pocket) making it one of the easiest knives in the world to carry with you everyday with ease.


Weight: 1.4oz
Length: 5.8" (Open)
Length: 3.51" (Closed)
0.125" Thin
2.2" Blade
Removable Blade
Bolt Free
440 Stainless Steel

It’s 440C stainless steel is a premium blade material. The ultra-thin featherweight design allows you to store it conveniently, under the most extreme circumstances. Or under daily circumstances, in your jean pocket.

This knife utilizes our patented FlyOff technology. If you find yourself going through airport security while still carrying ST-2, simply remove and forfeit the blade. You will be able to order a replacement blade after your trip. Better yet, choose the ST-2 plus replacement blade pack now!

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